The use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is at the core of everything we do, and our team of full-time GIS professionals provide a variety of mapping services and support for our clients across the nation. By combining spatial content with routing, ownership, landowner stipulations, environmental concerns, and/or surveyor data into ESRI’s ArcGIS platforms we’re able to provide regularly updated Google Earth KMZ files which provide for real-time route analysis and more effective project management. By further integrating data from our CALMS land ownership system and cloud-based file storage programs, users can access ownership and contract information directly from their project maps with the click of a button.  A listing of National Field Solutions GIS service offerings are as follows:

  • Desktop Route Planning
  • Utilizing Esri ArcGIS and Google Earth Pro KML
  • Visual Project Reporting
  • Custom Site Exhibits
  • Property Mapping and Ownership
  • Route vs. Risk mapping
  • GIS Data Management
  • Customizable Geodata Reporting Schema
  • Interactive WebMaps