National Field Solutions provides all services necessary for a successful Right of Way program. First through pre-construction title review, ROW acquisition and permitting, then by customized survey and construction support reporting and data access, and ending with post-construction damage settlement, easement recordation and overall project reporting. All while following all applicable processes, policies, and state regulations. We strive to negotiate reasonable acquisition and damage settlements and will handle easement payments through our land administration department. Lastly, we provide full documentation to ensure proper file and record maintenance for our clients. An expanded listing of NFS’s Right of Way services are as follows:

  • Title & Acquisition
    • Title Examination and Preparation of Ownership Reports
    • Title Curative Instruments and Affidavits
    • Right of Entry Permitting for Surveying, Environmental and Archaeological Site Assessments
    • ROW Easements and Options, Power Line Easements, Wind/Solar Leases & Surface Use Agreements
    • Sites, Gate, Valve and Launcher / Receiver Sites
    • Damage Claim Settlements and Damage Releases
    • Road, Zoning and Railroad Boring Permits
  • Routing & Planning
    • Pipeline/Wind/Solar Feasibility Studies and Route/Site Selection
  • Record Management
    • Payment and Land Administration Services
    • Detailed and Accurate Reporting of Costs
    • Generated Documentation (Permits, Easements, Leases Damage Releases, etc.)
    • Develop and Maintain Construction and Post Construction Line Lists
  • Construction
    • Landowner Liason during Construction


National Field Solutions announced the addition of Environmental Services to its portfolio of services in January 2019.  Throughout our years working with exploration and midstream companies, we have experienced time and time again how the communication challenges that exist between land, environmental & construction result in project delays and additional costs.  By bringing environmental services in-house we eliminate these communication issues by offering ROW acquisition, title, environmental, and GIS services under one roof – something not being offered by our competitors. Connecting land and operations to form a cohesive and efficient team just makes sense. National Field Solutions environmental team can contribute to your next project through the following service offerings:

  • Environmental Due-Diligence
    • Desktop Reviews
    • Due Diligence Field Investigations
    • Site Selection (Well Pads, Compressor Stations, Renewable Sites)
    • Route Walks (Pipelines, Waterlines, linear projects)
    • Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments
  • Aquatic Resource Assessments / Wetland Delineations
    • On-site Wetland Delineation/Aquatic Resource Identification
    • Report Preparation (including GIS mapping)
    • Jurisdictional Determinations
  • Record Management
    • Regulatory Guidance / Permit Plan Development
    • CWA Sections 404/401
    • Federal State /Local Permitting
    • Permit Acquisition
    • Agency Coordination
  • Construction
    • Pre and Post-construction Water Sampling
  • Endangered Species Act Compliance
    • Rare/Threatened/Endangered Species Consultation (Aquatic and Terrestrial species)

Renewable Energy

The Renewable Energy industry has grown significantly over the last decade, with no end in sight. As renewables have become an increasingly viable source of energy for the United States, National Field Solutions and its parent company, Dudley Land Company, have successfully applied decades of land, right-of-way, environmental and project management experience to solar and wind projects. Today, National Field Solutions’ team of experienced land professionals and environmental scientist work renewable energy projects across the country as we expand our reputation in this emerging sector. National Field Solutions can assist your team on your next renewable energy project with these services:

  • Project Planning & Management
    • Project Staffing, Oversight & Updates
    • Land and Lease Records Data Management
    • Document Storage, Administrative Support, Accounting
    • Customizable cost reports, GIS maps and field progress reports from our proprietary CALMS land system
  • Site Suitability and Project Feasibility
    • Land Use, Zoning, Ordinance Research
    • Courthouse availability for timeline and cost estimates
    • Identification of Existing Oil & Gas Operations
    • Desktop Review of Site Environmental Constraints
    • Buildable Area Estimation
  • Site Procurement
    • Ownership Research
    • Lease and Easement Acquisition and Tracking
    • Pre and Post Acquisition Due Diligence
    • Notification Lists
    • Land Administration, Payments and Data Management
  • Environmental Oversight of Site Design, Construction and Maintenance
    • Wetlands Delineation
    • Environmental Permitting
    • GIS Data Collection and Mapping
    • Bid Drawings & Plans
    • Erosion Control Inspections
    • Invasive Species Monitoring & Compliance Reporting
    • Lease Payments, Landowner Communication & Onsite Liaison


The use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is at the core of everything we do, and our team of full-time GIS professionals provide a variety of mapping services and support for our clients across the nation. By combining spatial content with routing, ownership, landowner stipulations, environmental concerns, and/or surveyor data into ESRI’s ArcGIS platforms we’re able to provide regularly updated Google Earth KMZ files which provide for real-time route analysis and more effective project management. By further integrating data from our CALMS land ownership system and cloud-based file storage programs, users can access ownership and contract information directly from their project maps with the click of a button.  A listing of National Field Solutions GIS service offerings are as follows:

  • Desktop Route Planning
  • Utilizing Esri ArcGIS and Google Earth Pro KML
  • Visual Project Reporting
  • Custom Site Exhibits
  • Property Mapping and Ownership
  • Route vs. Risk mapping
  • GIS Data Management
  • Customizable Geodata Reporting Schema
  • Interactive WebMaps