National Field Solutions (NFS), a subsidiary of Dudley Land Company, provides one point of contact for Right-of-WayEnvironmental, Renewable, and GIS services, something not offered by our competitors. In working with operators in every major basin, we have seen over and over how miscommunication between Land, Regulatory, and Operations negatively impacts project schedules and budgets. Our goal is to connect these three departments into a cohesive and efficient team. The NFS way of accountability, honest communication, and efficiency just makes sense.

Building upon Dudley Land Company’s 40 years of service to the oil and gas industry, NFS provides expanded services to our new and existing clients for their Pre-Construction, Construction, and Post-Construction needs.

Our Leadership

Tom Havenstrite

Tom Havenstrite

Chief Executive Officer

Tom Havenstrite is the President of Dudley Land Company. Dudley Land Company has been in the oil and gas land service business since 1980. Tom Havenstrite began his land career working for Dudley Land Company in 1984 as a field landman. He served as Vice President from 1998 to 2008. Recognizing the need for quality brokerage services in other regions, he opened DLC’s Denver office in 2000 and their Canonsburg office in 2007. As of October 2008, Havenstrite assumed the responsibilities as President of Dudley Land Company and has been instrumental in ensuring that DLC maintains quality and professionalism in the organization.

Havenstrite earned a BSBA in Finance from the University of Arkansas, graduating in 1983. Havenstrite is a longtime supporter of the American Association of Professional Landmen. He is a Certified Professional Landman and is an active member of the AAPL, OCAPL, TAPL, FSAPL, FWAPL, DAPL (Denver), and the HAPL.

Outside of professional interests, he enjoys flying, golfing, cycling, farming, and ranching, as well as spending time with his family. Havenstrite resides in Norman, OK, with his wife Heidi and three children (Winston, Erin, and Tanner).

Brent Broussard

Brent Broussard


Brent Broussard serves as Vice President of Dudley Land Company where he leads company operations for Dudley and its subsidiary companies. A Louisiana native, Brent began his land career in 2003 after graduating from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette where he earned a BS in Professional Land and Resource Management. He joined Dudley Land in 2004 where he worked and managed East Texas and Louisiana projects as a Project Coordinator in Dudley’s Nacogdoches, Texas office until transferring to Houston in 2011 where he served as Prospect Manager and Area Land Manager until being named Vice President of Dudley Land in 2019 . He is a Certified Professional Landman and an active member of the AAPL, HAPL, NHAPL, PBLA & WHAPL.

Brent, is an avid outdoorsman and competitive bass fisherman. By the grace of his lovely wife, Susan, he travels the State fishing different tournaments circuits throughout the year. He has two children, Whitt, who enjoys the outdoors and playing sports and Noelle, who enjoys drawing, singing and dancing.

Steve Carr

Steve Carr

Executive Vice President

Steve Carr began his land career as an Independent Contractor in 2006 and was brought on by Dudley Land Company as a Project Coordinator in 2009 to assist the growth of our client base in the Eastern States.  Moving up through the Dudley Land Company Management Program, he was promoted to Associate Prospect Manager in 2010 and Prospect Manager in 2011.

Since January 2015, he has served as Area Land Manager, overseeing our Canonsburg office, which services the Eastern States for Dudley Land Company, and their subsidiary, National Field Solutions. 

While attending The Pennsylvania State University, he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education. He is a Certified Professional Landman (CPL), and active member of the AAPL, PIOGA, HAPL, NALA, APA, IRWA and the MLBC. 

A native of Western Pennsylvania, he currently resides in Canonsburg with his wife Cassandra and their three daughters, Charlotte, Elizabeth, and Olivia.